Show and Tell
May 2019


‘Show and Tell’ is such a regular feature of the meetings held by face-to-face Guilds but is something of a rarity for the Online Guild.
However, in May 2019, Alice Van Duijen led a show and tell workshop which had a focus on lessons learned.


The challenge of long warps was a topic that resonated with several participants. Heather Adamson, living out on the Canadian Prairies, recounted how, due to equipment failure, the long warp she was winding ended up in a tangled mess which hung on the back of a door for years.
She salvaged it by winding it into balls ready for reuse. Heather says, “This said to me never to go at something in a hurry and to check that all the equipment is ready for use”.




Helen W., from Wales, made a hat out of fabric woven on a 12-inch knitters rigid heddle loom “Just to prove to myself, they are not just for scarves.” From this she learned it doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough fabric length (you can just weave some more) and that cutting handwoven fabric gets easier the more you do it.

Based in Idaho, USA, Jeanine shared an infinity scarf she had woven on a 12" pin loom and sewn together.
The yarn she used was hand spun from dyed Blue Faced Leicester rovings. Jeanine was debating with herself how best to finish it, she was leaning towards “a cold water, gentle wash followed by a stint in the dryer” .




Pat Griffiths, living in Wales, shared her experiences of aiming to create ‘a casual, drapey jacket with a glorious mix of my favourite colours’. What she ended up with was a very firm plaid .
She says “Where was my flowing garment? My soft and swirly colours? Lost with inexperience and lack of sampling...but lots of lessons learned.”


Tapestry weaving came into the workshop through the experiments of Rita Corbett, who, from her home in Dumfries, Scotland, was weaving an image on a circular metal frame.

As the workshop ended, she shared ‘Metal Ring 6’ in which she had switched to using a cotton warp and started a new design.

We were shown the finished tapestry later in the year.